Why iA Private Wealth

At iA Private Wealth, we understand your path to success can’t be based on a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, it should be grounded in a culture of independence that enables you to run your practice your way and respects your entrepreneurial spirit.

The freedom to run your practice your way

You make your own business decisions

You are empowered to decide what’s right for you and your clients and manage your business as you see fit.

You have access to an open product shelf

You have the freedom to implement an investment strategy that meets the best interests of your clients by choosing from the wide array of products and services available in the marketplace.

We respect you and your client relationships

We recognize that as an independent business owner you have a vested interest in making the best decisions for your clients and managing your book for enduring success.

You manage your own brand and marketing

Leverage our brand and marketing development resources to create a value proposition and targeted marketing strategy that supports you and your unique business vision.

You control the cost structure of your practice

A high grid payout provides flexibility for you to manage à la carte expenses. This fosters autonomy, creativity, and free enterprise as you strive for success as a business owner.

You oversee your real estate and office requirements

You determine your office location, staffing and business requirements. This enables you to recruit a team and build a practice that’s structured for long-term success.

The freedom to control your future

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