Fee-based Programs

At iA Private Wealth, we offer advisors access to a broad range of fee-based options, including non-discretionary accounts, several separately managed accounts (SMA) and a highly regarded Portfolio Manager program.

We’re fully committed to an open-architecture product shelf. Unlike many financial institutions, which add to their profits through margins on proprietary products, iA Private Wealth lets you plan and implement your strategies with integrity by choosing the product and service offerings that work best for you.

Non-discretionary fee-based accounts

These allow you to offer a premium non-discretionary service to a wide range of clients, providing transparency and alignment of client-advisor interests.

Diversiflex Portfolios

Managed through an active asset class rotation approach designed to capture growth opportunities in up markets and provide protection in down markets, Diversiflex offers two model portfolios that can add style diversification to the investment management services available to your clients.

iA Private Wealth Strategic Portfolios

Our newest SMA program has a minimum entry point of only $50,000, delivering a high-net-worth experience for client portfolios of all sizes. Through a disciplined investment approach, mutual funds, ETFs and alternative strategies are carefully combined to construct a well-diversified, resilient portfolio.

Vintage program

This premier SMA program provides access to both internal and third-party money managers, vetted and overseen by an experienced team. Vintage is for high-net-worth clients with an investment mandate minimum of $150,000. Non-discretionary accounts are also offered, providing greater flexibility in managing asset allocations, including specialty investment products.

Portfolio Manager program

This program provides industry-leading tools and resources that enable Portfolio Managers to develop proactive wealth management strategies that go beyond the benchmark of day-to-day investing.

Our Portfolio Manager program offers value in the following ways:

  • Bulk trading: Make trades for all clients, all at once, reducing any conflict of interest and ensuring everyone benefits equally from market opportunities.
  • Elite trading software: Offering the most sophisticated trading tools in the industry, you can quickly respond to market conditions, preserving clients’ wealth in down markets and maximizing opportunities in up markets.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Beyond industry-required monthly or quarterly reports, you can create supplementary reports that offer consolidated views of all client accounts.